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David Cameron today responded to a damning report into the state of mental health that found inadequate, underfunded care, leading to “thousands of tragic and unnecessary deaths”.

The Prime Minister was quoted as saying “The Nation must focus on Mental Health”

Read the full BBC report on the report and Cameron’s response here

Oxford Head Injury Services CEO Jamie Miller has these words for Mr Cameron

“Having single handedly enforced the biggest cuts ever to social care services in Oxfordshire, David Cameron now imparts his wisdom to those of us working in the health and social care sector “We have focused a lot on physical health and we haven’t as a country focused enough on mental health.”

Although I applaud any well thought through and genuine attempt to improve the lives of those in need, I find it incredibly cynical of Mr Cameron to try and garner the votes of the public by being seen to be empathic to the needs of those that his policies are actually persecuting for having the temerity to be ill, elderly or poor.

If it is just a case of “where do I go to get my particular interests heard”…please take note Mr Cameron of those who have long term complex physical, cognitive, behavioural and mental health issues and yet remain virtually unrecognised…those with neurological conditions. Instead of cutting the funding for charities that provide the most cost effective solutions to the increasing demand, why not invest prudently in a well-resourced health and social care system that actually works for the benefit of those that need it, whatever their condition.”