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The Neurological Alliance has launched its second neurological patient experience survey.

The survey aims to collect vital information about the experiences of care received by people affected by neurological conditions and  help to understand how much progress has been made in improving neurological services.

The Neurological Alliance needs your feedback to be able to make the strongest case to decision makers about how services need to change. Oxford Head Injury Services fully supports the Neurological Alliance in its ambitions, and we welcome the survey as an important tool in measuring improvements to neurological services in the future.

The survey is open until September 30th and the Alliance welcomes responses from anyone with a neurological condition living in England.

They will be using the survey findings to feed into a report early next year. The report will set out a comprehensive picture of what is happening in relation to neurological services and make recommendations about how care can be improved.

Frequently asked questions about the Neurological Alliance Survey

1. Why is the Neurological Alliance launching a neurological patient experience survey?

The neurological patient experience survey is a vital tool helping the Neurological Alliance gather important information about the experiences of care, treatment and support received by people affected by neurological conditions. It will also help the Neurological Alliance understand what progress has been made in improving neurological services and what still needs to happen.

The previous iteration of our survey, conducted in 2014, produced a wealth of data and information which has been used for a wide range of campaigning and research activity.

This year’s survey will assess progress compared to 2014 as well as incorporating a wider range of additional questions and topics to help us gather a fuller picture of what it is like living with a neurological condition’. The survey results will be written up into a report and published  by the Neurological Alliance in early 2017, and will set out a comprehensive picture of what is happening in relation to neurological services, care and support, and make recommendations about how they can be improved. They will share the report with decision makers who have influence over how NHS and social care services are designed and delivered.

2. When will the survey be launched, and what is the closing date for responses?

The survey went live on 30th June 2016, with a closing date of Monday 30th September 2016.

3. Is the survey available in a paper format?

The survey is set up in an online format only. This means that you will need an internet connection to complete the survey. However, you can download a printable copy from the Neurological Alliance website which can be filled in on paper and then be inputted online at a later date by a friend, family member or carer on the respondent’s behalf.

4. How is the survey going to be promoted and who are the target audiences?

The survey will be sent out to organisations and individuals from across the neurological community, as well as key stakeholders within the NHS and the Government. We are also asking for the Neurological Alliance’s members to publicise the survey among their own networks on their websites and via email and social media.

5. Can I answer the survey as someone who cares for an individual with a neurological condition, or is it only open to people with a neurological condition?

This survey is only open to individuals with a neurological condition. You can of course support the person you care for by filling in the answers on their behalf.

If you would like to take part in the survey click here to begin.