Oxford Head Injury Services are thrilled to be announced as one of the beneficiary causes funded by the Gannett Foundation.

The Gannett Foundation grant for £7,250 will buy three pieces of specialist neuro physiotherapy gym equipment for our Activity and Rehabilitation Centre (ARC) in Kennington, to support people with acquired brain injury.

Oxford Head Injury Services chief executive Jamie Miller said:

“It is fantastic news. We are really grateful for the support of the Gannett Foundation, as it will allow us to complete one of the projects we have been working on.”

The Gannett Foundation funds community groups looking for donations from £5,000 to £10,000; valuing practical and creative projects that will make a lasting impact to their local community. We feel with this funding Oxford Head Injury Services will be able to put the finishing touches to it’s fully accessible physiotherapy gym to some of the most marginalised individuals in the Oxfordshire community.

Read more about the Gannett Foundation here.

And if you would like to continue to help support Oxford Head Injury Services to help us help others adapt to a changed life after brain injury donate here.