Zoom zoom in the doom,

As each lune passes by,

Will this bring us peace and joy from release ?

Or another day of despair and dare.

The forlorn, ghostly buses drift pass my windows forsaken by the fearful rift in our daily schedules,

Isolation for the nation,

Social distancing for every mortal,

In everyday life.

The ennui of boredom is tough to fight when your freedom is in question,

Must we fashion a mask or wash and wash our hands to live?

Will loneliness leave us gaunt,

Will friendships boom and bust without our physical closeness and beers and cheers?

Every morning starts with hope,

The stillness of the morning chorus resonates uninterrupted,

Every day ends with a dream and pray,

This new life has given me more family.

The fresh citrus zest of feeling real love and friendship,

Nature has been given a break,

The new horizons have found my real self worth and a new enrichment of compassion and community,

Where did we forget to add in a good dose of guilt, empathy and the dignity of mankind?

The time has arrived to stop living  under a proud falsehood of Covid 19,

we are ALL prey prone to fragile elimination,

We can no longer hide from the embarrassing crumbling world we have created,

On this experimental path we will enter a new universe laced with a deeper love for you and for me and for the beaten world.


– Poem written by Anita Williams