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Free fall at 120 mph and support people with brain injuries in Oxfordshire!

It’s top of a lot of our bucket lists and if jumping out of a perfectly good plane at 13,000 feet over the beautiful English countryside, free falling at 120 mph and then floating gently to the earth is your dream we can help!

We are recruiting a crack team of novice skydivers to leap from the sky and raise funds to help us support the 4000 people who each suffer a brain injury in Oxfordshire.

Don’t worry you won’t be jumping alone!  you will be attached to an experienced professional tandem skydiving instructor.

You will be jumping with our friends at Hinton Sky Diving between Brackley and Banbury.

After a short briefing you will be ready to jump with your instructor from 13,000 feet who is there to control the skydive for you.

Once you exit you will accelerate to 120 mph, covering each thousand feet in approximately five seconds. At 5,000 feet the Instructor will deploy the parachute which will then be controlled by both persons until you land softly and gently some four minutes later.

All students are required to have a provisional membership of the British Parachute Association, which entitles them to a Third Party liability insurance of £2,000,000. This paperwork will be filled in on arrival. The cost of the membership/insurance is included in the price. Personal Accident insurance cover can be arranged at the centre on the day if required, and you can also have your skydive filmed for an extra cost

You can see a film of one of one of our previous charity jumps with Sky Dive Hinton here

We ask each person taking part to raise a minimum of £500. your fee for the cost of the Skydive (£230) will come out of this, and what you raise over this will go directly to supporting people with brain injuries in Oxfordshire

Oxford Head Injury Services will pay  your deposit of £50 to secure your place, if you pull out of the skydive for any reason and we are unable to fill your place or receive the deposit back then you will agree to pay this ammount to Oxford Head Injury Services.

Once we have recruited the team we will set a date for the Jump.

We will ask everybody who takes part to complete a Declaration of Fitness form and if you are aged over 40 your doctor will need to sign or stamp it

A letter of parental consent is required if you are under 18. The minimum age for parachuting is 16 years and there is no maximum age or this course.

The maximum weight limit for all courses is 15 stone (95 Kilos).

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If you would like to join the Oxford Head Injury Services Tandem Skydive team please contact our

Marketing and Events Officer Charlie Hayes by e-mail