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We need your support to help the 4000 people who each year suffer a brain injury in Oxfordshire by creating the county’s first ever dedicated neurological physiotherapy gym in the voluntary sector.

Christmas is nearly upon us, and every year, as soon as it has passed many us will hit the gym to burn off those excess calories from one too many mince pies scoffed over the festive season.

But just for a moment put yourself in the place of the staggering 4000 people on average who each year suffer a brain injury in Oxfordshire, enough people to fill all the seats on ten 747 Jumbo Jets. As you can imagine the availability of a centre where people with brain injuries can get easy access to  physical exercise and expert physiotherapy equipment close to home is vital to their recovery.

Our aim with your generous support is to create Oxfordshire’s first ever state of the art neurological physiotherapy gym with equipment specifically designed for people with brain injuries and limited mobility at our newly refurbished Activity and Rehabilitation Centre in Kennington Oxfordshire.

You can be part of making this happen and transform the lives of people suffering from brain injuries in Oxfordshire by donating to our Christmas 2016 Neuro Gym appeal, just go to our appeal page here to make your donation, or click on Christmas Appeal at the top of this page.

Thank you from all of us at Oxford Head Injury Services your support will help transform people’s lives in your community.


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