Professor Udo Kischka

Professional Neuro-rehabilitation Consultant & Brain Injury Expert by Experience

Professor Udo Kischka  is a retired Consultant Neurologist in Neuro-rehabilitation (NHS) , Academic Visitor (University of Oxford) and Research Visiting Fellow (Oxford Brookes University). He has a long career in specialising in stroke neuro-rehabilitation in particular.  He has written many academic articles and co-authored several books including:  The Handbook of Clinical Neuropsychology  and Head Injury (both Oxford University Press).

Following Udo’s stroke in October 2016, Udo Kischka and Helen Kennerley brought together their professional skills and personal experience and wrote “Surviving Stroke: the story of a neurologist and his family“  . Their aim was to share the reality of adjusting to life after a severe brain injury whilst offering guidance for getting through. This is one reviewer’s description of “Surviving Stroke”:  ‘[This book] gives a clear description and explanation of exactly how shattering a stroke can be. There is no magic moment; there are downs as well as ups; things happen for no reason; it is all agonisingly slow; uncertainty is crippling and exhausting; loss of control and choice is frightening and severe. It paints a very real picture, stripped of all gloss yet still allowing hope and restoration’ – Professor Derick Wade, Consultant in Neurological Rehabilitation.

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