This week one of our clients at Oxford Head Injury Services is marking the first anniversary of the day that changed and saved her life. She has decided to put down her thoughts in words and has very kindly allowed us to share them with you.

“A Strange Anniversary. A year ago today I had surgery to remove a brain tumour, a 14 hour operation that amongst other things saved my sight and saved me (my personality). 

 It is likely that the tumour developed as a late side-effect of radiotherapy used to treat the cancer I had as a child. If you know anyone who has had cancer treatment involving radiotherapy to the head please make sure that you and they know the symptoms of meningioma. It is relatively common for people with this medical history and can take many years to develop (around 25 in my case). 

 A year after the surgery I am still healing, learning more about my brain injury and trying to develop strategies to cope. They say to expect most improvement within two years. Again, if you know anyone with acquired brain injury of any sort (eg stroke/trauma/infection) please be patient and understanding, life is rarely the same again and it takes time to adjust.

 Living with an acquired brain injury can be hard, but I am thankful to the amazing surgeons and clinical teams at the JR hospital and Oxford Centre for Enablement, the charity Headway, OXPIP and Crossroads Care, who are helping me to become a mum again. And I am so grateful for my incredible family and friends who have been wonderful. I’m looking forward to seeing what the next year will bring.”