Alun Tyler

“I was rushed to hospital and doctors had said I was close to death”.

Alun Tyler, 62, fell and banged his head which caused a brain injury that left him with severe headaches, speech difficulties and unable to walk without a Zimmer frame.

Alun had worked as a Waste Collector for over 20 years until last year, when he had the fall.

Recalling the accident, Alun said: “I was unsteady walking because of lack of strength in my legs and I kept falling over and bumping into this. Last year, I banged my head quite severely. It wouldn’t stop bleeding. I was rushed to hospital and the doctors had said I was close to death”.

As a result of his brain injury, Alun now suffers from short-term memory loss, information processing and can no longer return to work.

“I forget where I’m getting off the bus and have to tell the driver to remind me. I forget faces and I feel terrible sometimes. If I’m out with people, I just wander off and forget where I’m going. I used to be fascinated by planes and could remember all of their names. Now I’ve forgotten them all. It’s frustrating”.

Alun has been receiving support from Oxford Head Injury Services since 2019. He comes once a week to take part in rehabilitation activities.

“Oxford Head Injury Services have been brilliant. I have made so many friendships over the last year. It’s the socialisation that helps me the most, as it gets me out of the house”.